Cuidamos de ti
Safety, innovation and tradition

We take care

Let’s reach our goals, let’s walk together

Take a look around and protect those who are closer to you. What is really important. And let us make the difference, let us be care about what we really know.

Our products meet the most strict norms. We know they are complicated products and mandatory for your work, and that is what makes us different. We want to prove that every complexity is a challenge and each circumstance a motivation to show you what we are capable of.

Let us be in charge and help you with all your PPE needs. Spend your most valued time for what really matters.


We are security

We are sure that our work can bring you incalculable benefits in your protection. The most powerful industry and the small company both need to look after their staff. Each person is a value and each value is a feeling


We are innovation

We like to move, not to stay still. Climbing to each point which allows us to see further over the horizon and discover each spot which helps us to breathe and grow. In this way we realise that the possibilities which surround us take in much more than we can see at first glance.


We are tradition

We are united as a result of our years of experience, of habit, and of knowhow. We have learnt from the best and we want to show it. We are experts in finding out your needs and we have learnt this from practice.