We take care

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What is We Take care?

We Take Care is facing day to day risks safely. Let us take the worry and help you with all your protection equipment needs so that you can devote your valuable time to looking after what requires your full dedication.

We encourage a feeling of constant protection, providing a space where your maximum potential can be discovered. We guarantee the necessary measures and protection equipment by means of the assessment, study, and management of work-related risks.

We are safety, we are innovation, and we are tradition.

Life is full of moments when you have to take risks. Risks are all around us and arise many times during our daily routine. But at the TB Group we have been wondering for a long time…

What is life without risks?

The Mohawks

The indians who built New York

The Mohawks are a tribe of Amerindians who lived in southeast Canada. Kahnawake, which is south of Montreal, is the reserve where their largest community can be found. They became known in the 1920s with the construction of the first New York skyscrapers and have taken part in that of all emblematic buildings.

mohawk nueva york